Demo site fixed [updated]

The upgrade to Lion brought me a very unpleasant surprise: few days before my vacation the demo site was unexplainably broken with Safari 5.1. I double-checked the script and I was absolutely sure it was fine (actually it is the script for style-switching) but I didn’t have the time to manage the situation. I’m still on vacation but today I decided to take a look again to find out what was going wrong and I eventually found the bug (Safari 5.1 doesn’t properly recognize the “disabled” property for alternate stylesheets).

A step in the right direction, but still I wasn’t able to fix it; thanks God, someone did.

Now the demo site should work fine with Safari 5.1 for Lion and other browsers too, hopefully.

[Update – 2011-09-17] – I wasn’t satisfied with the fix, it isn’t good enough so I reverted to the old, static demo site. I moved it back to the original URI at