Updates and hierarchical menus

The most common support request so far is: “How do I activate hierarchical menus?”. This is very common and it means that something is wrong, so I’ll try to explain at my best what’s going on and how to manage this situation.

First of all, you don’t need to activate hierarchical menus: they are active by default.

If you don’t see them, you need to discover why, following these steps:

1. Check that your page is intended to be shown in a hierarchical menus. Your page has to be hierarchically nested:

You see here that “Second level” page is nested inside the “First level” page. Next, check that the right checkbox is selected:

2. If this isn’t enough, you are likely using an outdated design. Open the Sandvox “Designs” panel and look for your current design. Right-click on it and select “Reveal in Finder”:

You Sandvox Design folder will show up. It is located in Your Home Folder > Library > Application Support > Sandvox and you can open it manually, if you want:

3. Click on your design and press “cmd-I”: this will display the Finder’s Information window about your file. Look for its version number:

In this case, version is 2.0 (200). Sandvox 2 compatible designs are all version 2.0 or later (and 3.0 or later for Carbone). If you see version 1.x (or Carbone version 2.x), you’re using the wrong design so get back to your purchased file and look for the latest version.

If you upgraded from a previous version, please read this post too.