Orange Rabbit is now “Simple Rabbit”

Orange Rabbit was one of my first designs; soon I added the instructions to change the default orange color to whatever color you’d like. The word “Orange” in its name was proper, but somehow misleading.

The new, Sandvox-2 ready version of this design is ready and I decided to drop the “Orange” name to better describe what it really is. This new version, which is now called Simple Rabbit, comes in four basic variations (orange, green, red, blue) but, as usual, you can change the default color with just one line of code.

What I like most of this theme is that you can change color on single pages too (using Page Code Injection instead of Site Code Injection), which is a super-easy and fast way to differentiate sections in your website. Blog? Pink. FAQ? Dark brown. Contacts? Banana yellow. Well, it’s up to you what color to choose…

Simple Rabbit adds support for new features like hierarchical menus, but is different from Orange Rabbit just in one thing: I increased a little bit the default font size (it was around 11px). Nowadays, monitors are either very large or very small and 11px are too low for both.