Lake and Blue Raymond for Sandvox 2 released

With the release of Lake and Blue Raymond for Sandvox 2 I completed the upgrade to all my current designs (Roseto is discontinued and will now available for free, but only for Sandvox 1).

The only issue, I had with the two columns layout of Blue Raymond. I’ve never been really convinced it was a perfect solution (it would have been better if the user have had more control about it) and when a couple of issues witht he new format came up I decided to drop it.

You can put the two columns back with some code, but it’s up to you if and when. For example, they fit properly in large text single pages with no sidebar (and they are terrible in collections). In case, just try this (with Page Code Injection):

.article {

With Lake things were easier and the end user shouldn’t notice any particular difference other than the enhancements due to the update (hierarchical menus and so on).

That’s it, now my goal is to step up to the next level, I’m studying a couple of interesting things that you will appreciate.