Upgrading to Sandvox 2, pt. 3. Upgrading your design.

With Sandvox 1, to have four variations of a Design (for example Sugar) you needed four distinct files, one for each variation; you used to see four different choices in the design chooser as well. One lovely feature of Sandvox 2 is the ability to “group” variations in the chooser uncluttering the interface. You still have four designs, but they are “joined” together and you can collapse or expand the collection.

Even better, Sandvox-2-only designs can be embedded altogether in just one file. Four variations? One file. Ten variations? One file. Twenty? One. There could be a little problem though, when you update your old, Sandvox-1 design with a brand new version for Sandvox 2. Technically, you should just double-click the new file in the Finder and Sandvox will install it, overwriting the old version (and deleting it).

But what happens when you update the just released Sugar with a double click? You used to have four files (default, red, orange, green), now you have one. Well, the default file is overwritten, the other ones are not. So this is what you get inside your ~/Library/Application Support/Sandvox folder:

The new design is there, three old ones are too. As a result, this is what you see in Sandvox 2:

The new file (which contains its variations) is correctly displayed on the left; three old designs (and the default one is missing because it’s the one which was overwritten) are still there on the left.

Long story short, I suggest you just to install the new designs manually.