Upgrading to Sandvox 2: pt. 1

Sandvox 2 is a great piece of work and I strongly suggest everybody to upgrade, particularly now that you can enjoy a $10 discount (it will last only ten days, so hurry up). Nevertheless, any major upgrade may produce some unexpected results and sometimes a few issues. If this doesn’t happen, maybe the upgrade wasn’t so relevant…

I myself am exploring all the new features of our favourite app (this is why I will take my time to release a brand new design and I’m focusing now just on compatibility). I think it could be a good idea to share some thoughts and experiences during my discovery time.

Let’s start from the beginning: in other words, from what you should do every time you proceed to a major upgrade of an application which is important for your business or for you everyday life. And the beginning is: backup.

  • If you use Time Machine, you’re already ok. If you want to revert, just navigate back in time and restore your files.┬áIf you don’t use Time Machine, well… do it! It saved my life many, many times. Anyway, if don’t want to mess with TM, you can still follow these instructions.
  • Keep a backup of your Sandvox 1 application. I usually compress the app and keep it in a folder called “My Archive” inside my ~/Document folder. While zipped, it will be available if necessary, but it won’t be recognized by the OS and it will not be launched by mistake. If you prefer, though, the two versions can coexist (but rename the old one “Sandvox 1” otherwise it’s easy to get confused).
  • Now copy your Sandvox files in a folder called “Old Sandvox Sites” and put this folder away too. Again, you can compress this folder, you’re not going to need it if everything goes fine.
  • I always suggest to keep a backup copy of the designs you buy from BehindTheRabbit. If you don’t, this is the right time to do it. If you’ve lost them, look in ~/Library/Application Support/Sandvox. There they are!
  • Export a copy of your websites somewhere and keep it too: it’s your last “snapshot” of a Sandvox 1 website and the code will be a little different with Sandvox 2. This is going to be extremely useful if some particular design works weirdly, because you’ll let the developer compare the two versions easily. These, again, can be zipped.

Now you can work safely with Sandvox 2. If the conversion of your files doesn’t convince you, you can switch back. If something looks weird, you can compare the old and the new version and help the developer to find the bug.