Three designs updated

Today is the big day: Sandvox 2 is officially coming out in hours! Beta testers already know how delicious it is, you’re going to discover soon.

I released three minor updates to fix a problem caused by the way Sandvox 2 handles css files with multiple versions of the same design. Moreover, they now appear correctly inside a “collection” in the design chooser window. Designs involved are Sugar, Lake and Carbone: if you purchased any of them you should already have received a download link. Otherwise, drop me a line.

As I wrote, this is just a minor update, there’s no particular improvement at this time, but other updates will follow. In the meantime, if you switch to Sandvox 2 (I strongly suggest to keep a backup copy of your Sandvox 1 app, files and designs, because even if this upgrade is very good it may break things that are vital for you and you won’t know until you discover yourself!) I would appreciate if you send bug reports and feedback at this e-mail address:

support [at] behindtherabbit [dot] com

This will make my work faster and easier.