Sugar 2.0

I released yesterday Sugar 2.0, the second design (with Carbone) made fully compatible with Sandvox 2. As usual, you will find both the new version and the old designs for Sandvox 1.6. And as usual the new design includes in one only package all its four variations (read the previous post if you’re updating an old design or you may find yourself with both versions installed).

What’s new? Almost the same things you can find on Carbone:

  • CCS3 Transitions: shadows, borders, opacity effects when rolling over a sitemap item, a photo-grid thumbnail and the navigation arrows.
  • CSS3 form styling: forms have rounded corners, a dark grey background and a brand new button with a background gradient – and it works in IE too!
  • Hierarchical menus: menu items are now block and not inline elements.
  • A new print.css file: sidebar is not printed, typography and margins are improved and next to each link you can see the URI between parenthesis at a smaller font size.
  • Checked on IE9 and Chrome, gracefully degrading for old browsers, more polished code and so on.

Sugar is ready for the new demo site as well, so you can have a look here. Next one is Grafite, so stay tuned.