Carbone 3.0

Carbone 3.0 is the first Sandvox Design by BehindTheRabbit re-written from scratch to support Sandvox 2. As far as I know – according to Karelia’s database – it is also one of the first third-party designs available with these characteristics.

I released it just now and I’m pretty satisifed. I went back to the drawing board to fix a few complications developed during the update process from 1.0 to 2.1: the code is now much more polished (this means that it’s more reliable when dealing with customized code and so on) and I had the chance to add a few things I was waiting for. CSS3-compliant browsers are now more popular and it makes sense to add some fancy styling, even if old browsers can’t display them.

These are the things I had fun coding:

  • CCS3 Transitions: shadows, borders, opacity effects when rolling over a sitemap item, a photo-grid thumbnail and the navigation arrows.
  • CSS3 form styling: forms have rounded corners, a dark grey background and a brand new button with a background gradient – and it works in IE too!
  • Hierarchical menus: menu items are now block and not inline elements: this slightly changes the way alignment and menus with too many items are handled, but the result is much better now.
  • A new print.css file: sidebar is not printed, typography and margins are improved and next to each link you can see the URI between parenthesis at a smaller font size. This is useful!

Not so fun, but important as well: check on IE9 and Chrome and support for the new “object-based” organization of Sandvox 2 documents. Of course, each feature gracefully degrades for old browsers.

The next design to be updated is Sugar.