Sandvox 2

Sandvox 2 is currently in beta and it will be soon officially released. It’s a major update and it will be very, very good. Any major update brings new features and, along with them, sometimes a few backward compatibility problems.

As far as I can see, my themes work well with Sandvox 2, but I’m still testing. Anyway, this is my plan:

  • I will not release designs for Sandvox 1.x anymore: my next designs will be for Sandvox 2 only.
  • Few designs will not be updated: they will work with Sandvox 2, but they won’t probably support some new features. If I see that they don’t look good on Sandvox 2, I will pull them out of the store (of course, they will be available to customers who already purchesed them).
  • All the other designs will be released both in the current version (for Sandvox 1.x) and in a new, Sandvox 2-specific version. Designs for Sandvox 1.x will not be updated anymore and will be provided just for compatibility. The same designs for Sandvox 2 will fully support the new application.

I could create a “fat” version of the same design for both Sandvox 1.x & 2 but I decided not to do so. This will allow me to start from scratch, get the rid of little bugs hidden here and there and fully imlplement new features with no worry for backward compatibility. The whole thing will be more polished and easier to mantain.

I can tell you right now, before even I test them, that my most successful designs will be ported to version 2: Carbone, Grafite, Sugar and Orange Rabbit (and hopefully Lake). I’m not sure in what order I will proceed, but sooner or later they all will be Svx2-ready. Roseto will be probably pulled and I’m not sure what to do with Blue Raymond: probably I’m going to design it from scratch because there are a few things I’m not fully happy with.

Free designs will not be updated, unless I find myself with a lot of spare time…