StudioMacbethFew months ago I received a support request for Grafite, and I shared some css code to tweak the theme a little bit. The results were good, but still my customer didn’t get what she was looking for exactly.

Most of the times, if use Sandvox, you know that you have boundaries you can’t cross and you’re ready to accept this. But from time to time some requests seem very logical and make me think: “Oh, I should have done this”.

In these cases, I like the challenge and if I’m allowed by my schedule I tweak the design itself and send a private, customized version to my customer (don’t rely on it, it happens quite rarely!). Change after change, checking the results not only on my test websites but also on my customer’s one, I ended up with a totally new scheme which eventually became Grafite Mini.

Well, StudioMacbeth is finally online, so thank you Maria and congratulations! I’m happy we can now share the credit.