Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

The VERY basics of HTML and CSSProgramming isn’t an easy stuff usually and people is often scared by even the thought of dealing with some HTML code. Actually, once you get a few basic principles, HTML and CSS turn out to be really easy to understand, create and modify. Moreover, you just need a text editor (like TextEdit on the Mac or Notepad for Windows) to work with them, nothing else.

If you know how an HTML page is designed, you instantly acquire the power to customize it heavily. Sandvox Pro, RapidWeaver and WordPress – the three apps I’m developing for – all let you change their designs somehow, so even if you rely on a third party app for your website you still can make your own changes and gain some more freedom.

I found this introductory video which seems to me the perfect way to start if you don’t know absolutely anything about HTML and CSS: it’s a kind of “Lesson One”. It’s 32 minutes long, all the topics are simply explained and at the end you could even write your own website from scratch all by yourself. There’s a download version too, iTunes ready.

Take a look and have fun:

» CSS-Tricks: HTML & CSS – The VERY Basics