Working on a new Sandvox Design

After my looooong sleep and a great lack of inspiration, I know now how my next design will look like and I can work on it. Since most CSS is already done (again, it’s a port from a previous WordPress theme not released to the public), I think that the developement will go pretty fast.

It will be a clean, monocolor theme, with blue as the default main color for background and links (I still have to decide if to offer color variations and, if so, how many). It will be particularly suitable for blogs and/or long text pages because of its good readability.

Not so original, maybe, but I decided to keep it simple: I needed something easy to start over, I was postponing too much. Morevore, simple themes are always the most appreciated.

If everything goes fine, I think it will be tested and available within a week, so stay tuned!

(And after that, there will be some announcement about the Rabbit’s Facebook page)

[photo: Tambako the Jaguar]