Lake for Sandvox

Here we are: Lake, a brand new Sandvox Design with a wide layout (it’s time to move to 960px, folks!).

Again, it’s inspired by one of my previous themes, and precisely the one I used for years for one of my own websites (Asterione, in italian, running on WordPress).

During almost three years, I had a lot of time to fine-tune typography and whitespace to reach a good balance between some color and a good readability. Moreover, Asterione contains a lot of text, so readability and a relaxing experience for the visitor were really main goals. All the feedback I received was quite good, so I think that Sandvox users will enjoy it as I do.

I created two color variations (green and pink) but they were too bright and, for now, I’m not including them. Maybe I’ll add some extra later, as a free upgrade.

What else? Banner-ready (960×128), Logo-ready, bordered pagelets, the usual stuff.