Demo site temporarily down

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As you probably noticed, all my demo sites are hosted on a different domain (and previously they were at a different address): I was looking for the best solution, with no hurry (and definitely not worrying about SEO…). As a matter of fact, the subscription to my provider has expired and this is entirely my fault ’cause I didn’t pay attention to the expiry date. They say they sent me many e-mails, but they didn’t, or at least they didn’t send them to the right address – and I’m quite sure about this. Moreover they seem to be annoyed by my requests for a renewal (the domain is still mine for one more year!).

So I decided to say hello to TopHost, which is not as Top as it seems to be, and move all the domains parked there somewhere else.

So, for few days, there will be some confusion with demo sites (I have to place them somewhere right now!). Of course this happens just when I have to release a new design…