Grafite 1.1 and Grafite Mini

Here we are! A new version of Grafite is finally out and it sports a bonus new design: Grafite Mini.

What’s new: first of all, bordered/unbordered pagelets for sidebar too; then, movie pages now have the same look as photo pages; and if you use a sidebar, it’s because you want a page to look like the other ones, so now photo pages with a sidebar are just as the other pages in your website.

Moreover, with Grafite comes now a new design called Grafite Mini: do you like the look of photo pages in Grafite? Grafite Mini has this look in every page. This design is a good choice if your website:

  • doesn’t need a blog (you can have it but it’s not so good looking)
  • doesn’t need a sidebar (you can have it but it’s ugly)
  • doesn’t need a header or a custom logo (you can’t see it)
  • in few words: is just a gallery or a collection of galleries (movie or photos) with just some text (but not too much).

If you need a more complex website maybe you will still prefer Grafite, but if you want something really simple and completely focused on images Grafite Mini is better.

Before you upgrade please consider that Grafite 1.0 didn’t support bordered pagelets for the sidebar, so after the upgrade your sidebar pagelets may look different. If you want them to be light gray, you have to change their settings manually.

I want to say thank you to all the customers that sent me feedback, suggestions and requests, helping me in what I think is a good improvement.

Don’t forget to send your website’s URL to Sandvox Sites!