Carbone 2.0

Carbone 2.0 is a major upgrade to my – by far! – most appreciated Sandvox Design.

In this package, which is available for free to all previous customers, you’ll find not one but six different designs: five designs for five flavors (orange, dark blue, light blue, green, red); the sixth one is a variant of the original orange theme, with a right positioned sidebar.

Each design has its own combination of header’s default color and links color. Moreover, you’ll find in this package eighteen (up from six of version 1.0) ready-made, high quality gradients.

Combining them, even if you’re not a Sandvox Pro user, you should really be able to customize your website.

And if you are a Sandvox pro user you can fine tune even more: with few lines of code (some examples are provided in Carbone’s page) you can right-align your website’s title or navigation menu, differentiate single pages with a solid color background, change links color and so on.

If you’re a Carbone 1.0 user and you didn’t receive your free download link, contact support (providing the e-mail you used for your purchase) and you’ll be able to upgrade.