Best BehindTheRabbit’s websites around

PC CoachBest advertising for a web developer is a nice customer’s website. Moreover, real websites are inspiring for users too because even if the design is the same for all, building up a website from scratch is a truly creative process and everyone has his own taste and prefers his own way of doing things.

For my WordPress themes I chose really weird names; it was unintentional: I discovered just later that it was ridiculously easy to google them and see what users have done with my themes (there are thousands of them out there). If you do the same, you can see what I mean: some sites stick to the original designs, some are totally changed with really intrepid (!) colors, some are definitely better than the original.

Sandvox and Rapidweaver are less configurable, but you still can choose header, colors, images, you still have to give a balance to your content, your pictures, your pages. As a developer, when I see a nice balance between all these things I feel quite satisfied.

Starting from now I will link to best Rabbit’s sites around and the first is indeed PC Coach Ltd. by Bernd Kühn. I have to thank Bernd for his suggestions and feedback and because he is a kind of beta tester too: his website sports an unreleased (yet) version of Carbone for WordPress, perfectly integrated with his Sandvox website (I plan to release Carbone for WordPress later this year, but it will require some skills since WordPress is definitely not easy to use as Sandvox).

Anyway, if you’re looking for inspiration remember that many Sandvox websites are listed here. Did you send yours?