Blue Raymond

A new Design is out: Blue Raymond. It’s a port from a similar WordPress theme I developed a couple of years ago for a no-profit organization I’m involved in (BombaCarta, which still sports that theme) but, in my opinion, the Sandvox version is better. When you work for other people you have to compromise so much… (and guess what happens when you have to deal with more than 30 authors). The Sandvox design has a polite look, the right amount of whitespace and is really well readable.

Moreover, it’s the first time I’m using multi-columns layout (a CSS3 feature). Just a little bit: too much would clutter the page and look horrible. I sometimes wonder: do Explorer users know what they’re missing? Then I answer to myself: who cares ;-) (of course they still can browse the site with no problem at all).

Anyway, that’s it, I hope you’ll like it.

(And if you’re asking, no, the WP theme is not under GPL and isn’t available, sorry!)