Workin’ on it

We’re working on a brand new version of this website. It’s almost done, but we need some more time.

First of all, the blog moved to this new URI: (if you subscribed to the rss feed you don’t need to change anything: it still works). The blog keeps (for now) the previous graphics and all of its content. Anywhere else you can enjoy the new graphics.

All the other pages are still working and are where you expect them to be. Some inconsistencies will be fixed as soon as possible.

We’re online with this incomplete version because it was necessary to move to a new architecture and to beta test some new solutions we’re experimenting. The old architecture didn’t allow us to do comfortably what we need.

There’s a lot of work to do, mostly under the hood (we’re switching from WordPress to an in-house solution to integrate smoothly the upcoming Web Store – and for a couple of other reasons), but we are confident to solve all of our issues in a few days (well, probably few weeks).

No hurry to download our free designs and themes: they will remain free forever.

We look forward to finish our work, knowing what’s next we’re really excited. So, stay tuned!